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My husband and I have been working with Julie Anne on our home. She has been an absolute joy to work with. Julie is a great listener and takes the time necessary to really understand the client's vision. What has impressed me during this process is her ability to make substantial improvements in what I thought was an already great home layout. Her suggestions as to room layout and moving features around have brought substantial improvements to our home's flow.

She is also not afraid to suggest changes to update the style of our home and is completely in-tune with all the latest trends in home and interior design. She completely understood our need to stay within the budget we have from our insurance proceeds. Her research on finding unique pieces and saving money in our budget has more than paid for our cost of her services.

We've been so stressed out with all of the details or the rebuild, negotiating with the insurance company, dealing with our lender, getting permits and dealing with e contractor. Julie has taken the stress away on dealing with all of the thousands of design decisions. She presents options in a very logical fashion and in pieces which don't tax our energy during the meetings. Her 3-D images really helped to visualize the options and make decisions.

We have our foundation in and are getting excited to see our visions with her help come to fruition. She's absolutely great to work with!


I would like to highly recommend Julie Anne for any type of design work you may have. She is extremely imaginative and creative and does a wonderful job of making abstract ideas very clear and understandable.

With her help, my outdated, 70’s style, poorly designed home is “soon-to-be" efficient, sensibly planned and beautiful.

While I consider myself fairly creative, Julie Anne has come up with brilliant design ideas that I would never have dreamed of. She listens closely to my extensive, somewhat unorganized “wish list” and has made it a reality for me.

In addition, due to her down to earth attitude and gentle demeanor, she is a pleasure to work with!


When my husband and I decided to remodel our kitchen, we knew we needed someone to help with designing the best possible solutions for our space. We were given Julie’s name by someone who was thrilled with the design of her kitchen and couldn’t recommend Julie enough.
At our initial meeting, Julie immediately put us at ease as she completely listened to our thoughts and ideas. Even more importantly, we found her to be extremely creative and innovative with ideas that we hadn’t even realized were possible. Julie also looked at other areas of our home and gave wonderful suggestions about how we could create more of the look that we want to improve and update our 1980’s home.

Julie is very organized and knowledgeable about design. She reached out to contractors for us, brought in samples for us to visualize, and shared ideas with us through Pinterest. We love the three-dimensional layout of the kitchen of our dreams that Julie designed. We look forward to posting pictures when our project is completed.  

We highly recommend Julie Anne for any design needs.

G&V. B

We have collaborated with Julie Anne on four projects over the last five years. Julie has excellent organization, presentation and communication skills. She quickly focuses the projects, brings a wealth of creative ideas to the table and her interior renderings are an integral tool for helping to visualize each room.

  Julie has a comprehensive understanding of all finish materials, lighting and plumbing, and excels at assembling a room-by-room palette of finish samples.

Julie also has a clear understanding of the construction process and how to document fixtures and finishes.

Design Build Contractor
As a general contractor I have worked with many designers over the years and would highly recommend Julie Anne with Studio 516

Julie works well with all parties involved in the construction process. I appreciate her design ideas and how she considers her clients own taste when it comes to style. 

Julie also has a keen awareness of the construction schedule and has been very responsive to questions that arise. My experience in working with Studio 516 is that the job has run smoother and all parties involved have had better communication. I would highly recommend Studio 516 (Julie Anne) for your next project.

General Contractor
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I own a debt of gratitude to Julie Anne for her collaboration on my most recent project. She is an able design professional, with a wealth of skills to offer. She is knowledgeable, resourceful, collaborative, and very pleasant to work with. Design is not my strong suit, and I needed help. Julie came by referral, into the middle of a challenging design process and provided the skills we needed.

First, she is client centered. She is dedicated to making the client’s vision a reality and does not superimpose her vision or “stamp” onto the project. If anything, Julie might lack a bit of confidence, but I prefer that to being overbearing. She has a breadth of knowledge and her formal education in interior design stands her in good stead. She has a good grasp of design principles and how to apply them. Julie can pick out and articulate the subtleties of a choice or approach. She gets back to you in a timely way. And she makes her deadlines.  

Julie had one particular computer skill that I feel led us out of the woods. She can provide CAD renderings and perspective elevations that help the client visualize. What a resource! Julie often provided multiple scenarios to guide and stimulate the discussion. 

Now add diligent organizational skills. Julie developed comprehensive spreadsheets for electrical and plumbing fixtures, tile, countertops, paint and cabinets. She has enough experience and education in the trades to apply practical sense when guiding these choices. She filled so many “holes” in the design process; many of which the clients were completely unaware of. Julie was my essential collaborator. She knew how to narrow the scope of the discussion and keep the project moving forward. For me, that alone validated and underscored her contribution.

You can see why I enthusiastically recommend Julie and vouch for her skills. She contributed to the successful outcome of a unique and intricate project. I have a happy client and Julie is an important reason why.

General Contractor
We wholeheartedly recommend Julie Anne for any architectural, design, space planning, construction management, and interior design project of any scale.

Julie has been working for us on an extensive remodel of our home in Sonoma County and the results are wonderful. She stepped into a contentious situation and resolved many architectural and design issues. Her CAD and illustration skills as well as originality were invaluable in helping us visualize and plan our remodel.

The scope of her work included totally redesigning the layout out the kitchen/great room (incorporating a walk-in pantry too),the master bathroom (without having to enlarge the existing space), streamlining the new foyer design, adding interesting pocket and barn doors and wine cabinetry in the dining room, redesigning and repositioning doorways along hallway, helping with all door and windows which were replaced, designing great stone and tile designs for fireplaces, countertops and backsplashes, furniture design (hutch & media cabinets), cabinetry design throughout the house, lighting layout and some
fixture design, color and finish choices, columns and stonework on the exterior of the house and other hardscape.

Our general contractor loved working with her for project management, design and workarounds and our architect came to respect her as well. She is a good manager, easy to work with, dispensing good advice while incorporating other points of view. She is extremely knowledgeable about architectural, structural and construction issues and has good relations with county officials, subcontractors and suppliers.

Julie has been great at keeping everyone on track and with follow through. She is extremely organized, even if we are not, and her regular reports reflect this. We are almost finished, and the result is great, in great part thanks to Julie.


J&S D.

Julie Anne amazes me – she has a keen sense of design, she is extremely well organized. She is thoughtful, she follows through, she gently nudges you into facing difficult decisions, she listens and she gets the job done! I don't what I would have done without her.

Julie has been working on the renovation of my home in Napa Valley. Her detailed note taking, questions and suggestions helped our project come through with a minimum of problems. Julie not only worked on the design she also helped with the financial aspects, always with an eye on our budget. 

I highly recommend Julie for all of her talents, but also because she does it all with good humor and style. She is a pleasure to work with.

Home owner