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Artistic Form and Necessary Function

The comprehensive approach of Studio 516 includes an appreciation for both the art of the design and the logistics of making it happen.  Creative ideas are of greatest value when executed fully to produce a space that balances both the visual and the functional.

Visualize and Ideas Materialize

The spaces we design and build are a reflection of our creativity and ideas.  Studio 516 services include the ability to imagine a combination of materials, lighting, textures and color in a space that does not yet exist.  Visualization of intangible ideas is critical for sharing the design vision with others and working collaboratively to achieve it.

Make Your Own Reality

The reality of details necessary to complete a project can be overwhelming.  Having a liaison between the architect, the contractor and the home owner with accurate documentation of the design can make the construction process more enjoyable and efficient.

 Starting Here

Working with Studio 516 typically starts with a simple conversation to brainstorm ideas and compose and overall plan for the project.

  Starting with what you need, what you envision, how you want to see the space – we formulate a game plan for designing and building the project.

  This process helps you solidify your design intentions and goals, discuss your vision and define the project you have in mind as well as set parameters for budget and level of involvement.

Staying in Control

Studio 516’s organizational approach to documenting discussions and choices throughout the process results in a clear understanding of what will be done, what is in process and what has been accomplished. 

An outline of the scope of work for your project is created to plan out the steps to achieve your goals and stay within your budget for both design time and construction.

 Reviewing and revising this list throughout the projects helps you keep on top of the decisions and documentation to keep your contractor on schedule, saving time and money. 

Your Ideas - Expanded

Starting with your own ideas and images, Studio 516’s design process includes the compilation of precedent images, sketches and materials to develop a palette in conjunction with space plan for your project.   

As each area of the project is studied further, details are develop and an overall design scheme ties each of your ideas together, creating a cohesive design. 

 Many small details combine to create a great project and starting with your vision, together we expand and refine, adding the necessary details to build it and make it real. 

C o n s u l t a t i o n   S e r v i c e s 
R e f l e c t i n g   I d e a s   I n t o   R e a l i t y
.A thoughtfully designed space intuitively makes sense. The consistency of design materials is evident, complimenting the architecture and context.  

A comprehensive approach to the design build process includes collaboration with architects, consultants, craftsmen and contractors to form a cooperative, interdependent team.  

Studio 516's role is an architectural assistant and project coordinator, collaborating with and supporting the architect, contractors and designers building the project.  

This experience includes interior and architectural design, space planning and interior design,  finish, product and material selection as well as on and off site project coordination
The process is highly interactive, an ongoing dialogue with the clients and design team, providing creative solutions to blend the art form with the function of the spaces.  

This collaborative team strives to expand ideas from the architectural set or clients' vision, detailing interior spaces to facilitate a cohesive design.

In an ideal design environment the landscape, the building and the interior inform and influence each other.  The interior reflects the architectural details and sets the mood and feeling for the experience of the building.

R e s u m e 

Studio 516, Design Consultation
Sole Proprietor

Collaboration with homeowners, design build contractors and architects on interior and architectural design

Space planning and design concept development, presentation material and digital

3D Renderings, plans, elevations and multi media presentations.

Selection and graphic presentations of materials, lighting, furniture and accessories

Leong Architects
Interior Designer & Project Management

Interior design and design-build management of high end residential and commercial projects in Napa Valley

REVIT documentation and contract management including billing, RFI’s, Change Orders etc. as liaison between architect, contractor and client

Color palettes, selection and specification of materials, appliances, lighting, custom millwork and furniture

Consultation with lighting and landscape designers and other on site coordination throughout construction

Neil Kelly Company
Interior Designer & Project Management

Designer for 50+ person Design-Build firm specializing in turn-key residential remodels

Interior design and construction management on small to large residential remodels

Opened Custom Homes division, designed and managed several new construction residences in Oregon and Washington.

Project management, construction bidding and on site design solutions and management through design-build process

CAD documentation

Graphic and digital presentations

Associated Design Consultants 
Junior Interior Designer

Small Interior Architecture firm specializing in restaurant and retail

CAD technical support for design team

Interior design and custom millwork 

Color and material palettes

Web site graphic design

Backen Gillam Architects

St. Helena
Beverly Hills

3-D Renderings, Multi Media Graphic Presentations & Marketing 

​Revit, Photoshop & In-Design

Fairweather and Associates

Design Build Collaboration

​Space planning, design development & visualization services with 3D modeling and graphic presentations

Selection and modeling for the purposes of design visualization of finishes, materials, lighting, plumbing, appliance, casework, furniture and accessories

Studio 516's provide design consultation for architects and homeowners as an architectural assistant, designer and project coordinator; collaborating with and supporting the architect and contractors in new construction and remodel projects.  This includes interior and architectural design, space planning, product and material selection and on site project coordination.

A collaborative, non competitive role with architects and other designers is a key element of Studio 516’s approach to the design process. The majority of Studio 516’s projects have been collaborations, playing a   supporting role to the lead architect and providing coordination with contractors, craftsmen and other interior designers.  

Experience with architecture firms and design-build construction gives Studio 516 a unique perspective; an appreciation for both the art of the design and the logistics of making it happen.  Studio 516 understands the value of consistency of information, project coordination and follow-through as well as the ability to filter questions from the field.

Studio 516 services include the ability to imagine a combination of materials, lighting and details within a space that does not yet exist.   Visualization of intangible ideas with drawings and computer modeling is critical for sharing the design vision with others and working collaboratively to achieve it. 

Creative ideas combined with organization makes the design and construction process more enjoyable, efficient and successful.

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